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Nasser’s Sponsorship From the Soviets

The New American magazine says this of Nasser’s ties

During the same period that some of Moscow’s most ruthless and deceitful agents were busy bringing Sukarno to power in Indonesia, other equally brutal and cunning agents were paving the way for Gamal Abdel Nasser’s rise in Egypt. Like Sukarno, Nasser did not wear his Communist colors openly. He even made statements and implemented measures calculated to make it appear that he was an anti-Communist. For Nasser, deceit was a necessary tactic in his struggle to maintain a grip on the reins of power. He couldn’t risk offending Egypt’s many anti-Communist Muslims. Following the Leninist program, he directed Egyptians along the Marxist path under the banner of “anti-colonialism” and “anti-Zionism.”

In 1954, Nasser’s Egypt provided the base for the Soviet war against the French in North Africa, with Algeria being the principal target. Ahmed Ben Bella and his so-called National Liberation Front (FLN), completely a Communist, Soviet-sponsored operation, provided a prototype for terrorist guerrilla groups of the 1960s and ’70s. The FLN carried out an eight-year campaign of terror against the Muslim population of Algeria, employing the most hideous means of torture and mutilation, to bring Ben Bella to power.


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